Medical Interpreter in Moscow, Russia

Moscow medical interpreter
Moscow medical interpreter

The best thing for any doctor is to ensure that patients understand their questions; so that the best treatment is applied.

For helping patients in Moscow with limited Russian language ability, having medical interpreters on call is crucial, especially for rarer languages. And medical interpreting has a specific set of concerns: what if someone’s health—or even life—is at immediate risk? As with any aspect of the medical field, the last thing anyone wants is a measure of uncertainty.

For these reasons, certified medical interpreters are always preferable to an untrained person who happens to speak the needed language.

Medical interpreters are familiar not only with terminology, but also know how to handle everything from doctor–patient confidentiality to family interactions. Even healthcare professionals who do possess language skills often cannot simplify concepts for laypeople across language boundaries as effectively. And beyond conveying information and putting patients in a stressful situation at ease, there are legal and ethical implications.

Healthcare providers risk malpractice lawsuits; or other problems if their patients are not informed about what’s going on. So, the benefit of hiring a qualified medical interpreter in Moscow far outweighs the cost that might result from not having one.

…and Everything Else They Do

On paper, an medical interpreter’s goal is simply for the doctor and patient to understand each other as fully as possible. But for patients with limited Russian language skills the medical setting can be doubly intimidating.

Having a dedicated medical interpreter in Moscow can reassure the patient; and it helps the perception that your questions and information are accurately transmitted. This builds trust between doctor and patient, especially if there are other cultural issues that may cause discomfort. It is particularly important to extend this trust to interpreters; who may be called repeatedly for patients with long-term illnesses. Their services can become an ongoing, essential part of these patients’ care; particularly in rarer languages where the pool of professionals is smaller.

By helping to create this supportive environment, medical interpreters enable patients to feel more confident because they understand what is happening. In turn, doctors are sure that they can provide the most appropriate care.

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