What to do if your Russian Visa Expired

Russian Visa
Russian Visa

Foreign citizens entering Russia must leave the Russian territory before the expiration date indicated in the Russian visa. In case a foreign citizen was not able to leave Russia before his or her visa expired, he/she has to get an exit visa to leave Russia.

If the Russian visa expired less than 3 days ago, the Russian exit visa might be issued at the airports of Moscow or St. Petersburg. Fine for overstaying the Russian visa is 2,000 – 5,000 rubles. The fine is paid at the airport in case the person exits Russia from Moscow or St. Petersburg.

In case the Russian visa expired more than 3 days ago, it is necessary to visit an office of the Russian Migration Service. Then the foreign citizen’s papers are processed by a court of justice. If the foreign person has valid reasons for overstaying Russian visa (sickness, death of a relative, etc), the court may decide not to issue deportation order and the foreign citizen gets the Russian exit visa and no entry to Russia ban is applied. Fee for issuing the Russian exit visa is 1,000 rubles. Ticket must be presented by the person applying for the Russian exit visa.

If the Russian court of justice decides that reasons for overstaying Russian visa are not valid, deportation order is issued. In this case the foreign citizen is banned from entering Russia for 3 years. In some cases this period is extended to 5 years. In cases of repeated offenses or in other exceptional circumstances the foreign citizen might be arrested.

Foreign citizens who overstayed Russian visa might request support from their empassy in Russia.