Moscow Interpreter Valeria K.

Moscow Interpreter Valeria K
Moscow Interpreter Valeria K

Actress, model, interpreter
Height: 176 cm
Clothes size: 44, shoe size: 38.5
Ethnicity: European
Eye color: gray-blue
Hair Color: brown, hair length: long

Languages spoken:
Russian — native
English — fluent
French — basic knowledge

Experience at exhibitions 15 years:

As a choreographer, director-producer was working on a charity project of the company Johnson & Johnson 2012;
on awarding Olympic champions in 2012 (checking the documentation for awarding the winners)
Participated in promotions: Asti, Sobranie — events
At the registration service; worked on the stands at the Expocentre; on the 65-th anniversary of hockey and other events.
MAAС 2012 Jeep, Fiat, Chrysler — interpreter, hostess, model
Prodexpo 2013-2020 — interpreter, hostess, model
Worlds hockey championship 2016, Worlds volleyball championship 2016 — interpreter
CTT 2016, 2023 — hostess, model, inrerpreter
International Emigration Exhibition 2016 — interpreter, hostess
Festival of franchises 2017 — model, hostess
Stone Exhibition 2017 — interpreter,
World Food 2015 – 2019 — hostess, model, interpreter,
Agroprodmach, Interlight, World of childhood, Intercharm 2023 — interpreter, manager
Opening of the Haval factory 2019 — interpreter, manager, coordinator
CPM 2013 – 2020, 2023 — model, interpreter, manager (making orders with customers)