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interpreter Moscow
interpreter Moscow

Whether you are in Moscow for a conference, business meeting or other event, our expert interpreters based in and around Moscow and Russia are on hand to assist you. They cover a wide range of languages and demonstrate expertise in a huge number of industries. 

We tailor our interpreting (or interpretation, as it is known in the US and South America) services in Moscow to the needs of the client, matching the interpreter’s individual expertise with the subject/nature of the project to ensure professional, accurate and well-informed interpreting every time.

We provide interpreting assistance in Moscow, Russia for the following fields:

Business Meeting Interpreters In Multiple Languages
Video/Telephone Remote Interpreting also available

We offer professional interpreting services for business meetings, conferences, seminars, congresses, negotiations and discussions in multiple languages.

With over 25 years experience and a large network of qualified linguists, we provide a tailored, personal service to suit your every business requirement.

In addition to being gifted linguists, our business meeting interpreters in Moscow are also informed of the local business etiquette, professional conduct and the corporate rules. Their familiarity with the subtle cultural nuances and terminology ensures fluent and precise communication between negotiating parties, which is, in turn, essential to our clients’ success.

We provides interpreters who are familiar with business practices, etiquette and local customs in many countries and cultures. They can assist you in the cultural induction of the client abroad and facilitate understanding between both parties.

Legal Interpreting Services | Legal Interpreters in multiple languages
Video/Telephone Remote Interpreting also available

If you have clients or witnesses who cannot communicate effectively in the Russian language without an interpreter, we provide qualified legal and court hearing interpreters for various types of legal proceedings to help them. Court interpreters (also referred to as translators) also work outside of court, in areas such as depositions, witness preparation, meetings amongst attorneys, solicitors, barristers and clients, interviews with court personnel, and anything else involving court documents. 

When legal proceedings involve more than one language, there is a danger that important information might be lost. We understand the challenges posed by legal interpreting. We believe that knowledge of local culture and local protocol has an important part to play in legal interpretation. We also understand that no legal concept is universal and that it is important that an interpreter has a thorough working knowledge of the language they are translating to and from. This is why we carefully select our legal interpreters to ensure they meet the highest professional standards. In addition to providing high-quality interpreters with substantial experience in litigation, deposition and arbitration work, we are also able to cater for situations such as police interviews; face-to-face meetings between solicitors, barristers, attorneys and clients; legal conferences and seminars and all types of hearings and tribunals.