Exhibition Hostess in Moscow – Maria Solov.

Moscow exhibition interpreter
Moscow exhibition interpreter

Born in 1999

Reside in Moscow, Russia

  • Education: graduated from gymnasium with silver medal. Now I’m a sophomore at Higher School of Economics (university), my educational program is
    called “Foreign languages and intercultural communication”
  • English: Advanced (C1)
  • French: A2
  • I regularly took first and second places in English Olympiads at school
  • I took English courses in the Mayflower college (Plymouth, England), June 20th-July 1st 2016
  • The prizewinner of a prestigious HSE Olympiad “Vyshaya Proba” (Высшая проба) in English, 2017 (3rd place)
  • Russian National Exam:

    English – 95 points

    Russian – 98 points
  • TOEFL — iBT: 95 points from 120 (January 2018)
  • A volunteer of COSINES Pi II International Contest of Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreters (2018): visited lectures and workshops
    of leading Russian and foreign interpreters, communicated with foreign guests

    Currently finishing my internship in the Effectiff translation agency (1 month)

    About myself

    I love interpreting and I work hard on my simultaneous and consecutive interpretation skills every day. I think that the interpreter’s
    profession has been crucial at all times because what an interpreter does is a vital element of intercultural communication that provides understanding
    and improvement of international relations. It contributes to the world’s peace. It is essential so as anyone who doesn’t know foreign languages could have an
    opportunity to communicate with anybody from any city and any country. Translators and interpreters sweep away borders and give people so much freedom.
    That’s what inspires me in what I do and keeps me at it.
    Although it’s only my second year at university, I’m pretty confident that deep knowledge of English, literate Russian speech and stress resistance compensate for the lack of experience.