Divorce interpreter in Moscow, Russia

Court divorce interpreter
Court divorce interpreter

The divorce rate in Russia is one of the highest in the world. There are certain issues related to divorce like child maintenance and property division regulations.

The divorce procedure in Russia depends on whether you’re following a judicial procedure or an administrative one.

If there are no children in the family and if both parties agree, comparatively quick administrative procedure is applied. The administrative procedure allows couples to divorce through the Civil Acts Registration Office (known as ZAGS). The process might take a month.

If children are involved, judicial procedure is applied. The judicial procedure is the more complex option. It applies when you have children under 18, or when one party contests the divorce or is unwilling to lodge a joint divorce petition.

Divorce application fee is symbolic (around $10). Lawyers’ fees are paid only if the parties decide to engage them.

Property bought during marriage, mortgages, bank deposits and other assets are divided if the division request is submitted by one of the parties.

Initially the court asks the parties to reach an agreement regarding property division, child custody and maintenance. If the agrement is not reached, the court has the right to make the decision on these matters. Children aged over 10 are allowed to testify in a custody hearing.

Husband can’t apply for a divorce if the wife is pregnant or if the child is younger than 1 year old. Wife is normally granted maintenance for herself and the child till the child is 3 years old. Child support is paid till children are 18 years old. In some cases child support is paid a bit longer (till children finish college and start working) or indefinitely if the child is disabled.

A parent who doesn’t live with the child or children will have to pay child support once the divorce is confirmed. This is paid until the children become adults and is based on a tiered system of 25% of their income for the first child, 33% for two children or 50% for three or more children.

To get a divorce in Russia, you just state that the marriage broke down irretrievably and that it’s no longer possible for the couple to live together.

When you apply for a divorce, the court may allow a cooling off period of up to three months. At the end of this period, if one or both parties still insist on the divorce, the court will go ahead with it as planned.

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