Moscow Interpreter Anastasia Gl.

Moscow Interpreter Anastasia Gl.
Moscow Interpreter Anastasia Gl.

Reside in Moscow, Russia
36 years old
Native Russian, fluent English, German; basic Italian


 Multi-skilled person, translations of written documents from a source language to a target language, a quick learner, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, well mannered, flexible in the ability to adapt to challenges when they arise, self-motivated with strong time management skills

Would like to work as a translator for a successful and ambitious company that offers great opportunities for career development and progression.


       National University Donetsk (Ukraine): graduated (specialist).

       2003 – 2008.

Special Subjects

  • English, German, Italian teacher
  • English, German, Italian translator
  • Physical training and sports organization
  • Guided tours around Kiev and other cities in Ukraine

Professional Experience

  • English, German teacher for children and adults/ Oct-06 to May-08  Donetsk-Ukraine (“Language Centre”)
  • English, German,Italian translator (freelancer) – business, commercial, audiovisual, website, tourism, or literary translations (providing a translation and interpretation service to clients where needed) – Conducting face-to-face interpreting for conferences
  • Administrator in “Mobile Spa Mimoza” August-08 to Oct – 08
  • English/German/Italian teacher/ Nov-08 to May-08, Kiev (“Sir Gee”)
  • Fitness – instructor /Nov-08  to  Oct-09, Kiev (“Sport Time”)
  • Private guide around Kiev – September-2011 to the present.
  • English/German/ Italian tutor (self-employed) – September 2011 – to the present.
  • Apimondia  Ukraine 2013 – Sept, international beekeeping forum, translating and tour guiding for a group of forum members
  • Hospitality programme with Sony Xperia during UEFA Champions League in Kiev in May 2018
  • Onboard guide for Viking River Cruises – June/July 2018.

Other information

  • Travel and Tourism Course, (online), Certificate of Brentwood Open Learning College, 2018.
  • Event Management (online), E Learning College Certificate, 2018.

Driving licence (B)