Moscow Interpreter Marina Str.

Moscow Interpreter Marina Str.
Moscow Interpreter Marina Str.

Based in Moscow, Russia
Born in 1984

Certified translator (English, German, Chinese). Intercultural communications expert, tour planner. Many years of experience in working with foreign tourists and partners from different countries and of various cultural background, several years 0f living and studying in the United States and Azerbaijan.

Work Experience
“Svetavokrug” Project
Tour leader, Tour planner
Tourist community, that plans and carries out trips all over Russia and around the world @svetavokrugsveta
Nov 2020 until now

  • Developed tour programs, organized trips and visited with groups the following regions: Dagestan, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Astrakhan’, Baykal, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kamchatka, Kalmykia, Kaliningrad.
  • Concept development, market assessment, route planning, contractor search, budgeting.
  • Preparing the tour, research, booking, advertising, sales, client service
  • Work as a tour leader during the tour, communicating with the group, organizing the travel process, maintaining a positive attitude in the group, solving emergency situations
  • Tour summary, budget report

Mercedes-Benz RUS

Senior Specialist of the Car Disposition Department
Nov 2007 till Mar 2020

  • Warehouse control, planning and production order placement at a factory in Germany
  • Coordination of the work of sales managers
  • Analytics and reports for company managers


Inbound tourism specialist
Nov 2005-Sep 2019
Information resource and personal assistance to foreign tourists in their trip to Russia

  • Assistance to foreign tourists in planning a trip to Russia
  • booking of apartments, rooms, transport, tickets, assistance with documents
  • conducting excursions and accompanying foreign travelers
  • 24h support in solving any possible problems of tourists in Russia

Personal features, skills

  • English (fluent), German (fluent), Chinese (HSK4), French (basic)
  • intercultural communication expert
  • proper written and spoken language skills
  • I easily master new types of activities, I am stress-resistant, I am ready to solve any problems.


Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Foreign Languages and Regional Studies
Translator, specialist in regional studies and foreign affairs

Moscow State University of Railway Engineering
Economics Department