Russian Interpreter in Moscow Kate Mor.

Russian Interpreter in Moscow Kate Mor.
Russian Interpreter in Moscow Kate Mor.

Reside in Moscow, Russia
Born in 1991

Languages: Russian: native, English/French: fluent


Bachelor of Foreign Language, 2008- 2013
Major: Teacher of French
Specialization: Practical English Course Moscow City Teacher Training University

1) TEFL- 120 hours
2) Diploma in English Language and Literature, 2016
Alison Advance Learning Interactive System Online
3) TOEIC English Score 835/990, 2018
4) Certificate of the pedagogical marathon, 2013
5) Certificate DELF B2 in French, 2013
6) Certificate for attendance the English Program Teachers Workshop, teaching mixed ability classes, Institute of Academic Development, 2016

Work Experience:
• More than 6 years of experience in total:
• 2,5 years in Russia
• 2,5 years in Thailand
• 8 months in China
• 1 year in Vietnam

  1. Casa Montessori School/ E&B – Hanoi, Vietnam
    September 2019- present time (a part-time job)
    Preschool children of 4-6 and primary students of 7-8 years old
    Teaching English through songs and games based on student books
  2. Winshare Yoyo International kindergarden. Neijiang China
    March 20019- July 2019 (a part-time job)
    Preschool children of 3 -4 years old
    English lessons + cooking/ outdoor/ dance activities
  3. Times English, Chengdu/Neijiang China (December 2018- July 2019)
    Teaching English 3-6 year old kids through songs and games using flashcards +demo lessons
  4. Anuban Chumphon School, Thailand (May 2018 – November 2018)
    Taught Health, Physical Education, Communicate English in English Program and regular classes (P1/P3/P4- 7-11 years old students)
  5. Sriyapai Chumphon School, Thailand (May 2017- March 2018)
    Taught and prepared M1 and M6 students (12 and 17 years old) for midterm and final tests; taught ‘listening and speaking’, prepared English exam papers for each class + French competitions
  6. Anuban Satun School, Thailand (May 2016- March 2017) helped 9 year old students to speak, read and write in English, prepared tests or examination papers, evaluated students’ tests or projects provided with feedback, participated in after school extra-curricular activities, kept in touch with parents
  7. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, (September 2015- April 2016) delivered regular lectures prepared students for examination examined first year students
  8. Moscow State School 1263, Russia (February 2013- November 2013) gave individual attention to students wrote dynamic lessons plans, maintained discipline in the classroom recorded students’ attendance and grades prepared classwork materials and homework assignments attended school meetings (+ Non- official work as a nanny + private students) Skype lessons + translations (ENG- RUS, FR- RUS)