Moscow Exhibition Interpreter Diana Pa.

Moscow Exhibition Interpreter Diana Pa.
Moscow Exhibition Interpreter Diana Pa.

Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics at Plekhanov University – Moscow
Professional interpreter


Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics (Translation studies)

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (09/2020 – 08/2024)

Current GPA: 4.9/5

General Secondary Education

Secondary General School (09/2009 – 08/2020)

Final GPA:5/5


WorldFood Moscow 2023


EcwaTech Moscow 2023


Interpreting of business negotiation 

Negotiation between a Russian Textile Company «Laeros» and their chinese partners (ENG-RUS)

Translator/Interpreter at the International Cultural Fund «Art Bridge»(08/2022 – present)

Remote translation and interpretation (ENG-RUS)

Book reviewer at Eksmo Publishing House (09/2022 – 07/2023)

Direct reporting to 2 editors-in-chief, 10 book reviews completed. Publishers use book reviews to decide whether they will adapt a book for the Russian market.

Booking agent: continuous optimization of hotel Moscow Holiday Inn Sokolniki occupancy (01/2022 – 02/2023)                                                           

Full mastery of the professional booking system “Opera” in only 3 weeks (5 weeks ahead of schedule), thanks to my creating a personalized quick-reference guide to facilitate the process and use of the software. 

Freelance online English coach (11/2022 – Present)

Training students with a task-solving approach by giving them tasks tailored to their specific needs and goals (road trip, the business mixer, first day of class). Plus, it is a great way to keep my students committed to achieve the desired results – no snooze fest during the classes!


Russian – Native 

English – Advanced (IELTS Certificate – 7.0)

French – Pre-intermediate (B1)


Strengthening my translation skills at a master class from V. Muratova (a translator providing linguistic support at The Ministry of Science and Higher Education) “The art of translation: from theory to practice” 

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (14 Dec, 2022)                                                                                 

How to smartly use Computer-Assisted Translation tools to boost translation efficacy (I increased mine by 30%).

Speaker at the international conference “Ecosophy of international communication” in Moscow                                                                                                                                                      

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (30 May 2022)

“The opportunity to integrate immigrants into the modern French society” 

  • Immigration to develop new business opportunities and enhance social integration as a “lifeworld”.
  • Assimilation as a challenge: how to be part of a new society while keeping your native culture alive.

“Peculiarities of conversational French etiquette” 

  • “When in Rome do as the Romans do”: Cheek kissing associated to the “Salut” or “Ca va”. 
  • Brainstorm of using the French reversed language “verlan” – “fou” becomes “ouf”. If you cannot understand a word, maybe it has been just created.

Speaker at the international conference “Modern issues of general theory of language, translation, intercultural communication and teaching methodology” in Moscow  

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics(5 Dec 2021)                                   

“Developing second language identity” 


Advanced PC user including:

  • Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Outlook, Powerpoint), Google Drive (Docs, Drive, Forms, Gmail)
  • Use of tools for social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, content creation) and team collaboration (Zoom, Skype, Webinar)
  • Knowledge of SmartCAT (Computer-Assisted Translation tool)
  • In-touch typing
  • Information-security course (basics to protect information and make balance between availability, confidentiality, and integrity of information).


Meeting moderator                                                                                                            

Language Club of  Plekhanov University (02/2023 – Present)                                       

  • I founded the French speaking meetings at the University: 4 English and 2 French thematic meetings held every month (year 2000, memes, films). Participants gain experience speaking publicly in a stimulating and friendly environment.
  • I designed and led a training program «Four steps of conducting a smooth speaking meeting» to equip meeting moderators with the essential skills to facilitate productive discussions and ultimately achieve the goals and objectives of the language club.

Organizer of three impactful university events

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Open day at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

I built 2 partnership programs with major companies to sponsor the event. I strengthened partnership with a staunch          contributor «ProEcoPen» and created limited editions of eco-friendly articles stamped with colors of our university.     

Miss Plekhanov University – Election of the both prettiest and wittiest girl-student for our University’s most popular event 2021

I successfully managed social media platforms, including VKontakte and Instagram, by publishing 15 informative and eye-catching posts. The groups attracted a sizeable number of new followers, leading to a viral campaign – 3000 students voted, i.e., 15% of the student community.

VuzEcoFest – the youth sustainable development project to implement specific «green» solutions  I brought in 3 major companies to the project, among which the focused «La eco lab». Unique ProEcoPen stationery made from biodegradable materials rewarded the most eco-conscious participants.