What to look for when contracting with a language services provider in Moscow

language services provider
language services provider

Companies fare best when they know exactly what to look for when contracting with a language services provider. This includes:

  1. The appropriate level of education and credentials
    Our linguists have graduate-level degrees from the most reputable, accredited university linguist programs in Russia. In fact, many of our team members have degrees from the best Moscow linguistic universities.
    Ideally, your interpreters also hold current, peer-reviewed memberships or credentials with the industry’s most well-known organizations.
  1. The appropriate level of experience
    There is a big difference between the fluent, everyday interpreter (such as a community interpreter, a tour guide, etc.) and a conference interpreter. You deserve the best of the best, and you’ll only get that if you hire an interpreter with proof of substantial simultaneous (conference) interpretation experience. An experienced simultaneous interpreter should have at least five years of conference experience, or a 200-hour equivalent, which stands as a testament to their industry acumen.
    Translators should have ample proof of completed projects and client referrals for projects of a similar scope to projects as the ones they would complete for your company.
  1. The appropriate level of conduct and passion
    While all qualified interpreters and translators are linguists, not all linguists make great interpreters or professional translators. We all have our niches, so you want to partner with linguists who have the professional appearance, social/business etiquette, and personality (aka, the interpreter’s code) for the job.
    They should be eager to work with your team and learn all they can about your company, the events, the tone you want to strike, and should be trustworthy enough that you feel comfortable sharing your company’s materials with complete confidence and utmost confidentiality.
    Contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll do all we can to help your brand put its best international impression forward.