St. Petersburg Interpreter Natalia Mir.

St. Petersburg Interpreter Natalia Mir.
St. Petersburg Interpreter Natalia Mir.

Work Experience

December 2021–Present | Alliance PRO
Translating marketing and IT materials for Mindbox and AgileLab (RU-EN)

October 2023 | WegVoraus
Consecutive interpreter
Interpreted during negotiations at India–Russia Ceramic Buyer-Seller Meet (EN-RU, RU-EN)

July 2023 | Ministry of External Affairs of Russia, Protocol Department Temporary assistant
Assisted in preparing and conducting the Second Russia–Africa Summit and Economic Forum

April 2023 | SmartScape
Translated and reviewed non-financial reporting for leading Russian companies in retail, timber industry, and potash fertilizer production (RU-EN)

April 2021 | RWS
Translated marketing materials and subtitles for Google (EN-RU)

January–August 2021 | Insight Translation
Reviewed subtitles for an online course by Coursera on deep learning
Translated texts, subtitles, and websites for Red Bull, Nike, Volvo, IKEA, SAP, and other clients (EN-RU)

Volunteer Projects

2019–Present | Unique
Translator/Reviewer/Project Manager
Translate, review, and lay out rare chromosome disorder guides
Select translators and reviewers
Operate the project in Phrase TMS
Support communication with the client and among the team
Train the team (live webinars, online courses)
Post updates on the project’s social media

April 2023 | XI International Congress
“Sport, People, and Health”
Consecutive interpreter
Interpreted a report on prosthetics in paralympic sport (EN-RU)
Accompanied delegations from Myanmar, Iraq, and Syria

October 2021–22 | Herzen State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Psychology
Consecutive interpreter
Interpreted a series of reports on psychology and education at the Herzen Readings research conference (EN-RU, RU-EN)

September 2020, July 2021 | IMO 61–62
Invigilated the competition via Zoom
Translated the rules of the competition for internal use (EN-RU)
Provided linguistic assistance for non-English-speaking volunteers

2019–2020 | TED Talks, SDG Academy
Subtitled an online course on sustainable development and a series of motivational videos (EN-RU)