Moscow Trade Show Interpreter: the Key to Success in Russia

Moscow Trade Show Interpreter
Moscow Trade Show Interpreter

To promote products and/or services companies rent booths at international trade shows. Obviously, participating at exhibitions is one of the best ways to expand to new markets and increase sales. But setting up a beautiful stand for distributing company catalogues and and samples might not be enough. There’s one more thing that can make a difference: a professional Russian interpreter in Moscow. It’s especially important for exhibitions and trade fairs in Russia since many of the Russian visitors don’t speak English.

A professional Russian interpreter in Moscow can provide assistance not only at a trade show, but also at business meetings. And not only during discussions between companies. You’d love to be able to find out what your Russian business partners really think of your business proposal as they mutter to each other.

In order to avoid costly mistakes, avoid awkward situations and leave nothing to chance, it’s advisable to engage a professional Russian interpreter when visiting Russia for business meetings or for a trade show visit. Even if you and your Russian business partners speak English fluently, it is still better to have a professional Russian interpreter by your side to avoid any misunderstandings when discussing business deals and contract details.

There is a huge difference between having a working or even reasonably fluent knowledge of the Russian language, and being a professional Russian interpreter, no matter how good your skills. A professional Russian interpreter will be able to translate both to and from the Russian language on the spot, giving you an opportunity to think about the message you want to convey, whilst also projecting a more professional image to your company’s presentation.

Translation might be simultaneous when an interpreter translates your message as you speak, or consecutive when an interpreter waits till you finish your sentence before translating. These interpreting modes are used depending on the type of event and situation. It is advisable that your interpreter have some knowledge of the subject in order that he or she is able to expain to you or your counterpart any tricky details about your product or service. A professional Russian interpreter will allow you to completely focus on what is most important to you: your business.

Even if you have translated your company and product materials into a dozen languages, you can never completely predict what a customer might ask. This is when an interpreter really comes in handy. A professional interpreter will transform your ideas from one language into another on the spot, giving you that flexibility that you really need at a trade fair or during important business meetings.

So when should you use an interpreter in Russia?

  • When you want immediate, fluent communication, not stumbling around searching for the right words;
  • When you are likely to be stressed;
  • When your area of expertise is technical or complex;
  • When you are likely to receive questions from potential customers;
  • When you wish to leave a more pleasant impression;
  • When cultural differences are important;
  • When information may be sensitive or confidential;
  • When explaining legal terms or conditions.

In other words, any time you attend an international trade fair in Moscow and wish to communicate professionally and fluently!