Moscow Interpreter Ekaterina Dob.

Moscow interpreter Ekaterina Dob
Moscow interpreter Ekaterina Dob

Female, 32 years, born on 4 February 1989

Administrative Personnel
Consecutive Interpreting
Simultaneous Interpreting
Employment: part time, project work, full time
Work schedule: flexible schedule, full day, shift schedule, remote working

Russian — Native
English — C2 — Proficiency
German — B1 — Intermediate

February 2020 — currently
1 year 8 months
AWATERA Translation Agency
Business Services
Translation, Interpreting
Written translations from and into English on various subjects (marketing, medicine, law, defense industry). Transcripts of videoclips and audiofiles. Editing and proofreading.

July 2018 — currently
3 years 3 months
AO “Regional Interdisciplinary Center of Information and Technology”
Government Organizations
Governmental Organizations
Business Services
Translation, Interpreting
Interpreter | Translator
Regular monitoring of foreign media in search of relevant news and information, processing it and picking the most relevant from the point of view of the company’s interests. I fully changed and optimized the way my department was fullfiling the tasks making it more productive (when I just came, around 6 people were tasked with the job, that now is performed by only 3 employees, myself included). I am responsible for distributing the translation tasks for each week and also for the quality of the work done. I teach newcomers, helping them to delve deeper into the topic and produce more precise translations.

March 2016 — july 2018
2 years 5 months
LLC Surfingbird
IT, System Integration, Internet
Internet Company (Search Engines, Payment Systems, Social Networks, Information and Educational, Entertainment Resources, Website Promotion etc.)
Media, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Design, Production
Production of Multimedia and Content, Editing
Content Writer
Writing of news’ articles and entertaining short stories for several web-projects (Surfingbird, SnatchNews). Monitoring of web-media in search of the content in line with our websites’ profile (entertainment, the most hyped news). Working with social media (SMM would be too loud a word, basically – creating newsletters in MailChimp and using various other tools for user involvement). Proofreading and editing texts in WordPress.

January 2015 — january 2018
3 years 1 month
In-Side Trnaslation Agency
Business Services
Translation, Interpreting
Translator | Interpreter
Translating of legal papers and other documents from and into English / Russian. Working with official delegations as an interpreter (consecutive translations during negotiations, informal meetings).

About me
I speak fluent English and can communicate well in German. Have a vast experience in working with English-speaking clients from all over the world. I am a quick learner, very reliable and disciplined, able to manage and teach others. For me translating / interpreting is something I feel very freely about, even though it is still hard work and demands continuous self-education.