Moscow Interpreter Anna Zai

Moscow Interpreter Anna Zai
Moscow Interpreter Anna Zai

Russian – native
English – C1
Chinese – B2

Reside in Moscow, Russia


2020-2024 All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade


  • Learning English from the age of five
  • Chinese Language Summer School at the Oceanological University in Qingdao

School (11 years) with advanced study of the English language

Volunteering at events related to the reception of representatives of the BRICS countries, excursion, dialogue, assistance with explanation. Participation in negotiations in Chinese. The negotiations were on the topic of buying and supplying a special product or equipment.

Volunteering at the e-sports Festival:

  • Simultaneous translation of the opening speech from the stage.
  • Interviews in English with players from South Africa.
  • Help with the coordination of foreign players.